A Little Personal Responsibility Please


When did the concept of personal responsibility get kicked to the curb by all the addiction and other excuses? A new trend seems to be in the works, that when someone does something terrible, just blame it on an addiction or the people or persons they have wronged.

The latest example in the news is two parents Michael and Iana Straw who are being prosecuted for child abuse and neglect of their 11 and 22 month old babies. The court said the parents allowed both babies to starve and contract serious mouth and genital infections. The only excuse that they have was being so addicted to the computer and online role playing video games that they couldn’t help it. Supposedly they had food in the home they just failed to give it to the babies. Luckily both babies are doing better in foster care.

We have heard this time and time again by some rogue preacher or politician who gets busted having gay sex or sex with a minor then “BAM!” next thing you know it was my addiction to some drug or the kid seduced me or maybe the gay act itself is addictive and off they go to rehab. A couple of months later, “I’m all better, no more drugs, no more kids, no more gay sex etc”. Try blaming the people like Michael Richards and Don Imus who both blame black people for their racist comments.

At a time when blacks are being talked to constantly about personal responsibility so many Americans are coming up with excuse after excuse for their abhorrent behavior. The point is none of these people are taking any responsibility at all while a whole race is having fingers pointed at them. The double standards are blatant and utterly ridiculous. Bill Cosby is constantly touring around to chastise blacks about their personal responsibility yet this is a man who had been paying child support to some white lady he had an affair with even though he wasn’t sure the child was his. I’m pretty sure it was just a little hush money, anyway WOW! Now that’s some double standards on personal responsibility for you.

They say that personal responsibility is what separates the adult from the child. I guess the United States is being overpopulated by large children. So the next time anything bad happens to you, I’m pretty sure you can just get rehab for it. Where does it end?



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4 responses to “A Little Personal Responsibility Please

  1. brotherpeacemaker

    Yeah, right! White people can go to rehab. But if you are are black you just go to jail!


  2. theblacksentinel

    You are right about that, I should have thought about that myself. That in itself is a double standard now as well.

  3. benkrissybyers

    To all spreading hatred toward Mike and Iana,
    I am a friend of Mike’s we met when he was in the Navy at my last command VFA-146, who got out honorably after his term was up. He met Iana not online but at a Concert he told me a long time ago. Iana found him online through Yahoo when he and I were on cruise when he came off cruise she flew in from Alaska to be with him. My wife and I were his witnesses at their wedding (Best man & Matron of Honor). After Mike separated from the Navy he moved with his wife to Nevada, we were stationed in Lemoore, CA and I’m now in VA on my current orders. I’ve always known Mike to be a good man and, if anything I thought he had a minor drinking problem. In fact, he never played any games when he hung out at my place. I’ve been gaming since Atari. Iana, I’ve known to be a good person; she also has never played any game either. Although she did mention she liked games that were like Myst and that she had a lot of games, not Dungeons & Dragons but Final Fantasy games. My wife and I last spoke with them on the phone I think back in December and they seemed to be doing fine of course we haven’t talked to them in a long time. They surprised us when they told us they had 2 kids and had never said anything about a $50,000 inheritance. Mike told me he was in the stock market online which didn’t surprise me because he was always checking on his stock when he was in the Navy. I also just read an article stating that the 2 were addicted to being online their whole life and, I’m telling you straight up it’s not true. Yes Iana found Mike through yahoo but they did not meet online it was at a concert and they never played any games, and they barely even gotten online at all the whole time I knew them. I just want to state that this problem they have is a new problem for them. Mike I know for sure was not a gamer. I can’t say much about Iana because I only met her and have known her for a few months before they left. Anyways, point being is I’m still their friend and so is my wife and just because some people make mistakes doesn’t mean you turn your back on them. Yes we are disappointed for what they did but we do understand that it is a problem and professional help is needed. What they don’t deserve is to be ridiculed with hatred. That being said it could actually make things worse for them. They are already paying for their crime. Just leave it be and let them get the help they need to move on. If people out there hate them for what happened fine, but if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all, especially when you only know the bad stuff & haven’t seen any of the good stuff. We know these people and they are good people that just made some very bad choices. My wife and I will support them in anyway we can to help them through this. We hope the best for their kids, and we just don’t wanna see them jump through foster care. We also hope their family will step up and get the kids. If not, my wife and I would be happy to take care of them.

    Very Respectfully,
    AZ2 Ben Byers USN

  4. theblacksentinel

    Ben, I sort of understand where “you” are coming from but, unfortunately it doesn’t matter how much I do or don’t know about them, the fact is they are either hiding or lying when they claim this whole online addiction crap. So, it is their own irresponsibility that got them into this mess whether they are addicted or not, good people or not. Their children were malnourished with infections, do “good people” let that happen to their children without some unfortunate circumstances that were beyond their control, I think not. I have two kids and understand the pressures and the responsibilities. I (as you see) run not only one blog but two amongst other things, and I have never had a problem getting food into my children or making sure that they were clean and fresh, free of disease, harm or infections. So please don’t give me flack because these two “friends” of yours do not know how to take care of business with their children. One thing I did notice was that no where in their claims did they ever once say, “I am malnourished with infections as well, due to my online addiction” So it would seem that they were able to get the food into their own mouths. IRRESPONSIBILITY is what it boils down to, regardless what their past personalities were like. Also, if they did not want people like me to throw my two cents in on the way they live, they would have taken care of business, been responsible parents and no one would know who they are. I hope they fix things and get their family back together, and kudos to you and yours for stepping up to help.

    Thanks for the reply

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