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America’s Killer Diet

Overweight kids with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease and type 2 diabetes, what is going on with the food choices in our community? We are eating more processed foods than ever or what CNN is calling “America’s killer diet.” Over the last ten years portion sizes have ballooned up as fast as our waistlines. Just twelve years ago you had an obesity rate of 1 in 6 adults where now 2/3 of people are obese. And this is now spreading down the ladder to our children. We have the benefits of stores stocked with foods of all types yet we are malnourished compared to those living in the Caribbean who is eating fresh produce, seafood and meats daily.

What has happened to family dinner time that now the majority of it is now provided by Ronald McDonald, Colonel Sanders, a White Castle, the King or a little red headed girl named Wendy? Our diets are riddled with sugars and oils high Omega 6 such as in seed oils and soybean oil which are linked to disorders such as depression, high cholesterol, suicidal thoughts and even criminality. A lot of the foods that say lite, diet and sugar free are loaded with these oils and sugars. In an average week most people consume more than 3 pounds of sugar through soda, candy, sugar added juice, cereals chips and any other processed food items.

The calorie content in most of the meals that we eat out at restaurants or our favorite fast food joint is about one to two thousand calories and that is per meal. This is pretty much the total amount of calories most people need in a day all consumed in just one meal. Along with this meal a person is going to eat at least two more meals, a few snacks and drinks which all undoubtedly will be full of fats and sugars. This has become the norm for part of society where vegetables are seen with disdain and French fried potatoes are now the vegetable of choice. But we do eat our vegetables, what about the salad bar where we gobble up salads in which we slather ranch dressings and toppings such as bacon bits, cheese and nuts, making this just as fattening as eating a couple slices of full topping pizza or hamburgers.

Cooking has become a thing of the past. A lot of people complain of not being able to cook or not knowing what types of foods would make a healthy meal. This could be because with the growing need for a second income our mothers are now in the workplace keeping them from being home with their children teaching them how to prepare proper meals. People also complain that they don’t enjoy healthy foods due to a lack of taste etc. Knowing what comprises a healthy meal and one that is tasty is as easy as a trip to you local library. There are cookbooks and recipes that can help to deal with our lack of knowledge with cooking good healthy foods.

In the Black community we are getting away from our roots and eating more fast food than ever before. We have made choices to allow our children to make their own food choices and consume candy, fast food and processed junky foods on a daily basis. A few of us want to put the responsibility from our actions on others and sue fast food restaurants as if they brought the food to us and forced us to consume it. What good is a lawsuit if you aren’t going to live long enough to do anything with the money? It is our responsibility to make sure that we consume the correct types of foods.

People constantly say that soul food is contradictory to healthy foods and that is just not true. We can eat healthy and tasty it is all a matter of choice. Sure Blacks are known for having full figured bodies, but somewhere along the way people took that to mean overweight bodies, just more propaganda that we have to deal with in the Black community. Taking pride in having a healthy body should be a priority that we as adults can pass down to our children breaking this pattern of food abuse.

We have to understand the health risks that obesity brings to us, our families, children and community. Starting healthy eating clubs or having healthy eating classes at the community center might be some options. We should also start getting the exercise we need to go along with our new found healthy lifestyles. Taking a little time to ensure that we have a handle on our health seems like a no brainer since the majority of us out here are lacking quality health care. Since health care is a problem keeping ourselves as fit as possible will surely help to offset this and many other problems.


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Restaurant Review Bill O’Reilly Style



I watched the interesting restaurant review that Bill O’Reilly gave after visiting a well known African American establishment called Sylvia’s in Harlem New York. Now he made some comments about it and everyone is in a bit of an uproar. There are allegations flying all over the place. But all that happened was it made me want to give my own review of a local restaurant as well since it is the entire buzz right now.

I went to a well known restaurant here in town run by a local Caucasian man. I was really surprised that the guy who seated us was tremendously respectful and never once did he refer to us as “dude” or the “N-word” and he didn’t have any lice popping out of his head. I was impressed right there to say the least. Then as we sat and looked around the place there wasn’t even a noose in sight or a Confederate flag. I was astonished that no toothless banjo players were present, in fact the music was a nice soft jazz. This almost floored me as you know Whites pretty much just began to start getting rhythm. They’re starting to get away from the Pat Boone’s and Como’s (Perry) and the people trying to lead them into rhythm-less culture.  They’re just trying to figure it out, Look, I can make music.  If I work hard and get a drum beat, I can make it.

My date quietly mentioned the fact that he hadn’t seen any NASCAR posters or one giant belt buckle, but I told him the night was still young. At any moment one of the Caucasian patrons was bound to jump up with his ten gallon hat and start shooting his pistols into the air while yelling “yeehaw”. At this point I was beginning to think that these people were actually just like me and other Blacks, although I did have to spend ten dollars for a burnt cup of coffee.

Our dinner came out without a hitch and the fellow bringing it didn’t have a mullet or a skullet. In fact he didn’t even talk through his nose as if he had once been Batman’s butler. But really Blacks who don’t have a lot of interaction with White culture think it is dominated by Michael Richards, Don Imus and Ann Coulter. Well this was a really fine evening for us as we didn’t see the Klan or any skinheads in the place. So all in all it was a very delightful dinner so hopefully other Blacks will realize that it was the same even though it’s run by Caucasians with predominantly Caucasian patrons.

To thank Bill O’Reilly for opening my eyes on all that can be expressed while giving an account of dinner at a restaurant run by those that are less than himself. I am glad to have been exposed to his rant as it gave me a chance to rant for myself. I hope that you enjoyed my review, sorry I couldn’t post the name of the restaurant as I didn’t clear it with the owner first. Please don’t call it racist it is just my ignorance of White people that I said these things. I was trying to pay the restaurant and the White community a compliment. Hopefully nobody gets mad enough that I end up with a burning cross in my front yard. So there you have it, I hope you enjoyed.


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I’ve Tried Nothin’ And I’m All Outta Idea’s

I found Bush’s address to the United Nations today to be almost comedic, that he would stand there and chastise countries for their human rights violations when we in this country are still subjugating a nation of people simply because of their skin color. Then again looking at Bush’s record on human rights, he’s tried nothing and he’s all out of ideas. Some of his talking points were taken directly from the Universal Declaration saying things such as when innocent people are trapped in a life of murder and fear, the declaration is not being upheld. Recognizing the inherent dignity and the human rights of all members of the human family…Truth is denied by terrorist and extremist who kill the innocent with the aim of imposing their hateful vision on society. In the long run the only way to defeat extremists is to defeat their dark ideology with a more hopeful vision one of liberty.

It is unbelievable that we are the self imposed moral compass of the world yet second class citizenship is all too alive and well right now for people who are born from those that suffered under the ultimate human rights violation in this country slavery. Like he said innocent people are trapped in a life of murder and fear yet he forgot to mention they are right here in America. Extremists and their dark ideologies of terrorist yet whose ideology was it that kept the people in New Orleans from having the basics in living conditions for five full days after hurricane Katrina? Or feel justified in the fact that there is unequal access to healthcare, education, and a decent standard of living for everyone. It seems that we have some of our own dangerous extremists living in our cities who decide to hang nooses from trees and trucks in order to frighten and subjugate a race of people without so much as a peep from Bush.

While spouting the 25th declaration he left off these lines: Everyone has the right to necessary social services and the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond his control. Motherhood and childhood are entitled to special care and assistance. All children, whether born in or out of wedlock, shall enjoy the same social protection. Wow sounds like welfare or social benefits and we wouldn’t want to impose that upon the people of America now would we?

Malaria takes as many lives as HIV/Aids in some countries and the vast majority of them innocent children, he says that the deaths are unnecessary and the US launched a 1.2 billion dollar initiative yet he threatens to veto a bill insuring that innocent children right here in America would have health care. He claims that the bill will cost too much yet spending 300 BILLION dollars for war is totally worth it. He also claims that as the bill stands it could allow some kids whose parents can possibly pay on their own might wiggle into the plan. So it is better to let all kids fall through the cracks of healthcare than to let just one child undeserving get state run care. As this might lead to full state run universal type healthcare and that can’t happen. Right, because if he has taught us anything, then we know that you should make sure that not one undeserving person gets anything meant for those in need, kind of like how tax cuts went to the rich not the poor.

Since he is so happy to quote from the Universal Declaration I wonder what happen to article 23 which states: (1)Everyone has the right to work, to free choice of employment, to just and favorable conditions of work and to protection against unemployment. (2)Everyone, without any discrimination, has the right to equal pay for equal work. (3)Everyone who works has the right to just and favorable remuneration ensuring for himself and his family an existence worthy of human dignity, and supplemented, if necessary, by other means of social protection. (4)Everyone has the right to form and to join trade unions for the protection of his interests. Why in this country are we not upholding the statement (2) of this article, or does this only apply to other countries. People are being discriminated against daily not to mention the difference in pay like an immense chasm between equally qualified Black and White employees.

No, it seems that the United States doesn’t work very hard to uphold very many of these declarations that Bush so eagerly spouted in order to chastise Burma, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Cuba and others. It seems that we here in America headed by our president are quick to throw around our self designated moral superiority as we point fingers any and everywhere except at ourselves. The president should wag his finger into this country and point out some of the many skeletons in our human rights closet. The many violations that we choose to live with yet act as if do not exist. Bush has the audacity to expect others to do what he and others in this country aren’t willing to do themselves.

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Racial Analysis Paralysis

We need to open a dialogue about race is what I keep hearing when some type of racial travesty such as the Jena 6 happens. A dialogue about what, is what I am asking. We have dissected, dialogued, ranted, raved and analyzed racism to the point of analysis paralysis. We are virtually paralyzed by racisms affects and unable to move past this sense of pseudo equality. Sure we have Blacks who have “made it” does that fact now make everything equal, so let’s just hold that above the heads of the masses that haven’t.

On the news you hear reports about how Blacks now make “only” 20% less pay than their White counterpart and that is an improvement over the last 10 years. Wow, should I be smiling and slapping my knee at the fact that we’re almost there by golly. If anything we should be outraged and infuriated about this news, obviously something needs to be done. Do you think we should open a dialogue about it, will this somehow convince the employers to pay the Blacks they hire the same as their white counterpart? Of course it won’t, because if it would then the pay would be equal right now. Since we have been discussing and analyzing unfair wages, hiring and firing practices of the White dominated business sector for years.

Whites and Blacks have been discussing in some form racial disparities in all its many facets since slavery. So what more is there to say about it and how long do we have to continue discussing the same old thing before we decide that action is necessary? A call to action isn’t a call to violence. We have sat in the passenger seat long enough waiting for Whites to somehow be the ones to drive us to equality, when it is obvious they have no intentions of doing that. Would you sit in the passenger seat and beg for your attacker to drive you to the police station or a hospital? Absolutely not, that would mean certain death, obviously your attacker would more likely be planning to continue to victimize you rather than help you.

When are we Blacks going to get tired of acting like the country cousins begging at the big house for the scraps from White society? I don’t have the answers on what we need to do, all I can say is that in my opinion we have tried to assimilate by marching and pleading to be let into the massa’s house but we all know that not everyone can be the house slave. What else can we do to gain acceptance? And why would you want to “force” someone who doesn’t want you around to let you hang around anyway. If the Black community was a child you wouldn’t tell them to continue hanging around a bully who makes fun of them, is violent towards them and won’t let them play in the game. No you would tell them to stand up to the bully then stay away from them and play with someone who appreciates them.

So in the words of Martin Luther King Jr. “I sit here deeply concerned that I suspect we’re leading our nation on an integration trip that has us integrating into a burning house.” This is what I am feeling, I am not saying that integration is wrong and should be stopped, but before we continue on the same road that seems to be leading us to nowhere we should stop for a moment take a deep breath and survey the map.


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Black Character Assassination


Constantly I feel that we are being bombarded with images that are designed to connect Blacks with the ills of society. Each and every night on local and national news you see the same types of images being flashed across the screen. Black faces shown for topics such as welfare reform, crime statistics, unemployment, ill education and you name it a stock photo of a Black is associated with it. So basically what you have is Pavlov’s experiment using people. If you have not taken psychology 101 then Pavlov’s experiment was to ring a bell each time a dog was given food and soon enough the dog would start to salivate just from hearing the bell. The dog learned to associate eating with the bell. Just like Pavlov’s dog, people begin to associate Black people with crime, welfare, laziness and stupidity. So now just by hearing the term welfare recipients…I am sure your mind pictured a bunch of young, single Black females.

The problem is that young, single Black females do not make up the majority of welfare recipients. The majority just so happens to be White females. But, that is never what they show when the news has a story to cover. One such story I watched on the news was about a kid who brought a gun to school. The picture they showed was that of a Black student in the shadows walking in a school. When in actuality the student who brought the gun to school was Caucasian, so why should a stock photo of a Black student be representative of this crime. For one thing the school in question is 100% White. So where did this fictitious Black student come from that they needed to present him as the one bringing a gun to school. Why was it even necessary to show a picture if the picture could not accurately convey the message that needed to be sent, or maybe that is because the message was exactly as it should have been, “see, Blacks are bad.”

If any of you caught the last 60 minutes broadcast about the Geek Squad called “Get Me The Geeks” then you undoubtedly saw this very thing in action. As they spoke about the tech help industry they focused on bad customer service in which all attention was on what looked like a predominantly minority call center with a ton of Blacks and a then few Indians when they mentioned Delhi. And for each thing said that was bad they showed a Black representative. Reps have no idea what they are talking about the narrator said as a video of a Black lady talking on the phone flashes on screen. Then some reps were too exhausted to do a good job as they show another Black lady who was lifting her head off of her desk. Then it was on to how the software makers blame the hardware, yet another Black rep and how hardware blames the software, yet again another Black rep. We move on to the Geeks who were profiled we see a butt load of Whites and I counted three Blacks littered into the background.

Now what is this showing us, that Blacks are incompetent, lazy, with poor work ethic etc. Now they did show the three or so Blacks in the background of the Geek Squad showing that we are still incompetent that only a few of us actually got in and a lot of people might assume that for all we know that was due to affirmative action. I don’t want to even go into my story of the Geek Squad, just that I think I am better off on my own. But this is seen all too often just watch Discovery channel or any of their other stations such as Discovery Health etc, Food Network, HGTV or TLC and tell me how many Black show hosts you see. You could count them practically on one hand. I watch all of these channels regularly and I am wondering why I bother since they obviously don’t have me or people like me in mind when they think of their target viewers.

You can chalk it up to whatever you like as the reason this type of character assassination of Black people takes place or you might not even see it as that at all, that is your prerogative. I just know that I will continue to point this out in hopes of curtailing the negative propaganda that is infecting us all. How can we let go of racism when there are forces out there reinforcing all the negativity and disparities that we have been fighting since our forced arrival.

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Baby Born With Blood Alcohol Level Of .17


Are people getting dumber or am I just getting more jaded? Sherri J. Lohnstein, 34 of Foley, Missouri is back in court today to plead guilty to involuntary manslaughter by drinking so much that her baby girl who she named Zreanna, was pronounced dead shortly after birth. The baby had a blood alcohol level of .17; Sherri had a blood alcohol level of .18 while the legal limit in Missouri is .08. Now this is a crying shame. I have no sympathy, mercy or whatever for people who make a choice to take drugs and alcohol thus killing their babies. I don’t think I even agree with the involuntary manslaughter charge, hell she knew full well that she should not be out getting extremely drunk while with child. I feel that this is just another in a long line of parents who are using stupidity as an excuse for the reasons they have injured or killed their children.

According to Dr. Mary Case, St. Charles County medical examiner, the determination for the baby’s death had been caused by acute intoxication. At the level that she and the baby were intoxicated she had to have been consuming some sort of hard liquor in which she drank at least 6 drinks over the course of about 3 to 4 hours according to the dui laws calculator. So this crazy mom was doing some serious drinking and I am sorry she knew full well that she was pregnant as she was in her third trimester of pregnancy. So she has no excuse and I don’t even want to hear the fact that she may have been an alcoholic etc. It doesn’t matter if you are an alcoholic get help or don’t get pregnant and if you do then get the help you need.

She posted bond and acting on her own, Lohnstein told Circuit Judge Nancy Schneider on Aug. 28 that she planned to plead guilty in exchange for a five-year prison sentence under an agreement with prosecutors. But the judge had the public defenders office to represent her even though they had previously withdrawn as counsel. She broke into tears in the court room, but I think that she should have been this thoughtful before she decided to go out and get hammered while pregnant. I hope they sincerely throw the book at this woman and hopefully she will be lesson to the next mother thinking about hitting the party scene. But, we all know that the next set of idiots coming behind her won’t learn a thing, because it seems that there is a never ending flow of dumb parents flocking in to do whatever it takes to make them ‘the dumbest’.

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Post Traumatic Racism Syndrome


Working in the medical industry I constantly have to keep up on new information as well as update my skill set. So while looking into a few disorders that come up from time to time with different patients of mine, I stumbled across an article written Sid Kirchheimer for WebMd way back in 2003. The article titled “Racism is harmful to health” got little if any play, neither in the media nor on the health care circuits. Now something this provocative should have gotten beau coup air time on your national nightly news, but that would be assuming that someone cared. In all actuality this flies by under the radar because “hey, it doesn’t affect my family or I have never ‘seen’ any racism.” Since this is the mindset of the majority why would this be big news or even just an interesting side story?

The article talks about how Blacks who we know for a fact suffer at the hands of racism are more likely to have hypertension (high blood pressure), heart disease which is linked to that hypertension and other stress related ailments. Now this part is no surprise since we all know that twice as many Blacks suffer from these well known illnesses, the interesting parts is how it is linked to racism. Two different studies which were done by a British group and by Harvard shows that normally blood pressure and stress go down at night but for Blacks who have suffered from racism it remains high thus leading to heart and other problems. According to Camara P. Jones, MD, MPH, PhD, research director of Social Determinants of Health for the CDC and a leading specialist on the health impact of racism “There’s a kind of stress, like you’re gunning your cardiovascular engine constantly if you’re black that results from dealing with people who are underestimating you, limiting your options,” and “By the time you get into the 25-44 year-old group, you start to see changes. We have evidence that in white folks, blood pressure is dropping at night, but not in black people.”

This information should be in the hands of doctors who can in turn educate and try to do preventative medicine instead of it becoming chronic problems. But unfortunately doctors are another cause of the problem of stress induced from racism, according to a recent report by the National Academies’ Institute of Medicine (IOM) numerous studies show that racial and ethnic minorities tend to receive lower-quality healthcare than whites — even when insurance status, income, age, and severity of conditions are comparable. But doctors would never admit to showing bias nor that there was any truth to the discrepancies in health care on a racial basis. Even though it is widely known that minorities receive bad to just downright sub standard care from hospitals, clinics and doctors.

Even after these studies get published and the news took the information and gave it willingly to the public you would still have a majority of the people claiming that racism doesn’t exist and both these medical findings is just another attempt at excuses for Blacks period. The stress caused by racism can be comparable to that of post traumatic stress syndrome. So maybe we can call what Blacks suffer as post traumatic racism syndrome since according to surveys Camara P. Jones conducted, she finds that whites rarely think about their race in the course of a day. “But 22% of blacks surveyed said they constantly think about their race, and 50% said they think of race at least once a day — they are constantly reminded of their blackness,” she says.” That has a profound effect on health.” But we know that the outcome would undoubtedly be the same, low or sub standard care and doctors who deny, deny, deny plus a public Blacks as well as Whites who also deny any claims that racism is more damaging than just lost jobs, housing and status.


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OJ Simpson What Else Can I Say


As I am watching CNN all I can think about is why OJ Simpson doesn’t just go hide in a cave somewhere. Maybe he can hide out with Bin Laden it seems no one can find him and that would be exactly what the doctor ordered. I am just sick to death of seeing, hearing and just knowing anything about this idiot. He is becoming as bumbling and stupid as Homer Simpson, I wonder if they are related. But, at least Homer has some redeeming qualities.

Well anyway the story goes that OJ somehow knew that these fellows were staying in the Palace Station Casino, who had some memorabilia of his that included his Hall of Fame certificate and a picture of the running back with J. Edgar Hoover. He went there with some guys he just met at a wedding reception cocktail party to go and take what he says was his. The room had a few collectors in it including Alfred Beardsley who had testified in OJ’s civil trial. Mr. Beardsley said that the story is pretty much as OJ tells it except there were guns in which Simpson said, “I didn’t see anybody with any guns.”

Is this guy for real? He knows damn well that after he didn’t get convicted of allegedly murdering his wife and waiter Ron Goldman that the public, police, the victims families and hell only knows who else would love to see this bumbling idiot in prison, jail or even dead. He just continues to put himself in the weirdest and stupidest situations I have ever seen. By the way he acts you would think he was a 15 year old teenager who doesn’t have much life experience and continues to make bad judgments. A friend says that he continues to want to be a player totally involved in the high life even though those days are done. There he is on all the news programs cheesing for all to see just like a big ole stupid looking joker. He has come out with a stupid book that people are saying sounds like a confession hidden behind a “what if.”

Now I don’t proclaim to know whether this idiot did any of the things that he is accused of from murder to robbery but I do know that his stupidity makes my skin crawl. I can only take stupidity in small doses which I get plenty of just from daily life. OJ is constantly giving me a stupid overload. All I can say is please OJ I need a break from your idiotic behavior, its bad enough that I still have Paris, Brittany, Nicole and Lindsay. For whatever reason it is easier for me to ignore those idiots’ antics but OJ, there is just something about that man that makes it hard to deal with. I think it’s the fact that he used the Black communities hope for him by pathetically pandering to our sense of racial solidarity during his trial and no sooner than he got off he went right back to the stupidity that got him in that situation.

So please OJ for the love of whatever just leave us all alone and keep to your self. Find a personal brain like Bush so that you won’t have to ever do any thinking which at this time doesn’t really seem to be a problem.


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Tragedy Stems From Stupidity


As I was surfing the web last night I came across an article about a one year old baby girl who fell out of a window on the second story home of relatives. Teaira Steed’s one-year-old girl, Telea landed head first on the concrete 15 feet below cracking her head and fracturing her face. She was in a coma and took two weeks to come out of it. This is a parent’s worst nightmare, that your child is injured so badly you don’t even know if they will survive. Now I thought this is just horribly tragic, but as I read on I found out that the mother is now suing the person who owned the house as she was staying with relatives who rent. I then became disgusted as I read on.

The mother’s attorney claims that it is the property owner’s fault that the little girl fell from the window because the window had no bars or screens on it. Luckily the baby “seems” fine but who can tell until she is a bit older. Now I am not against suing if you are maligned, wronged, or injured by someone who was being in any way negligent. Because why should you be made to pay for someone else stupidity. But, that said, doesn’t it go both ways why is the property owner responsible for this tragic incident?

Wasn’t it the mothers own ignorance that this situation occurred? So why should the property owner pay for her ignorance of caring for a toddler? Now ordinarily I would be right there with the mother if the child had been left in the care of the property owner and this is what happened. But the child was in the care of her mother when it happened. My question is where in the hell was the mother that a one year old has the opportunity to fall out of a second story window?  I don’t care that the mother says she was in the room with other kids at the time, which does not excuse an adult’s supervision; in fact it increases the need for supervision. Not to mention, how the hell, did that baby reach the window, did the mother or other adults realize there were no bars or screens on the window.

Those are all just a few questions that need to be answered before I would bother to give this woman one dime of lawsuit booty. Because it sure sounds to me like the mother was extremely negligent. Why would you allow a one year old to be unsupervised by an adult or much older teen in a room with an open window that has no screen or bars. Also, how many times had she complained her family members who then complained to the property owner about getting these bars and screens?

Now I don’t even know this alderman who owns the property and surely can’t defend him nor convict his character. But, the mother is the one that should be paying the price for what has happened here. She knew that there was no protection on the window and still allowed for conditions to be in place which put a baby in a position to fall from that window. When are people going to start taking responsibility for their irresponsible actions?

Should we all get to sue for being stupid? Gee your honor I sure did know that there was no screens or bars on the window before letting my one year old play in that room before she fell. But you see, she has played in there before and not fallen out the window, so I thought it was safe. But, it’s not my fault I shouldn’t be compelled to actually have to supervise my children, the property owner should have done something so my baby wouldn’t have gotten hurt. I want to sue, can’t I just add my role in this up to ignorance. When did we become such an ignorant bunch of sue happy fiends? No matter what happens it is never my fault always someone else’s and so I have to be paid.

Maybe it’s just me and I am being way too hard on this lady. But, stupidity just rubs me the wrong way. I can not stand to see people use their stupidity for gain and every time I think of this it makes me think back to the McDonalds lawsuit with the coffee. I am too stupid to realize that coffee is hot so I am going to put it between my legs, squeeze it, then get burned and sue about it. Maybe they forced her to put the coffee between her legs the same as the property owner Charles Quincy Troupe, a St. Louis alderman forced this lady to be inattentive to her toddler playing near an unscreened, unbarred open window unsupervised. She is just lucky I am not on the jury, but like I said already, maybe I am just being too hard on her. Maybe I need to be less responsible for my children so that I can sue people too.


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The Racist Bone


The toe bones connected to the foot bone and the foot bones connected to the leg bone and the leg bones connected to the racist bone… Wait – A – Minute. Is there a racist bone? I don’t know but I have been reading a lot of articles where people are constantly throwing out the “he/she doesn’t have a racist bone in their body.” I even read one where a guy was saying that Bush didn’t have one of those bones either, now that was a barrel of laughs, yep, sure he nor they don’t. My philosophy has always been, if a person has to start off a sentence denying the obviousness of the racism/racist that it probably is racism/racist. Like how people usually start off their racists rants with “I’m not racist but…” It never ceases to amaze me that in this country which was literally built on racism, classism, sexism and any other ism you can think of, people would actually deny that racism still exists. Racism and racists exists people and those racist bones are riddled throughout most of their bodies.

Now I am not going to claim that only White people are racist because racism permeates all cultures, countries, continents and probably planets (if I read Brotherpeacemaker’s post correctly even “Andorians are racist”). The problem I am having is that people want to tout that they have no racist bones or they are not racist when they say these things which are usually aimed towards Blacks, but the question is how and when did they lose this racist bone? Just because Blacks have come a long way doesn’t mean that everything is equal game over, no it is just the opposite, and we still have a long arduous road ahead to continue until we get EQUALITY. I know that people are probably thinking, but Blacks do have equality, that is what was being fought for during the civil rights struggle. I also know that things are far from equal. You can see this in daily life but please remove any rose colored glasses first. We have disparities in all facets of our lives, housing, employment, education, healthcare and the justice system or for all the Blacks who are reading then it’s the in-justice system.

This world in which we live has been twisted toward the views of White people in general, we call this white privilege. When a person is born into a world where they are receiving clues and propaganda that they matter more than other races of people, they will grow up to have a feeling of superiority toward other races. The clues and propaganda come from a variety of sources, television shows – almost everyone on television looks like them and shows them just how special they are; news – when all viewpoints are told from their perspective and just how evil or bad other races especially Blacks are on a continual basis; businesses – businesses that they frequent or their parents workplace are 99% the same race as them, it lets them know that people like them are obviously more qualified; government – the people who run the country they live in look like them and make laws to protect them and their family interests; cities – is full of people who look like them and those that don’t live in a crappy part of the city they avoid just deserve the best life has to offer; friends/family – make comments about the negativity of other races, they are learning that these other races are in fact inferior because Grandpa or whoever doesn’t have a racist bone in their body.

Ruby Bridges, the first black student at the formerly all-white elementary school William Frantz, November 1960, in New Orleans, is now only 53 yrs old. So it wasn’t all that long ago that this poor little girl was getting death threats, spit on, yelled at and cursed by all manners of racist White people who if you asked them today would tell you that they don’t have a racist bone in their bodies. How can anyone think that pictures of such hatred could have disappeared just because laws were passed saying that the hatred was no longer going to be tolerated. When unfortunately hatred though now disguised in the form of all those disparities I listed before is still tolerated. It is tolerated that a person who is totally qualified for a job will be passed over because “ah you know you just don’t fit in with the company image”. Or maybe you go out for a Sunday drive and whoop, whoop the sound of sirens and “you were going 4 miles over the speed limit,” as you proclaim your innocence “uh are you rolling your eyes at me, you know I could give you a ticket?” Maybe you want to walk around the store looking for just the right gift, when you notice you are being followed, don’t worry it’s just store security trying to keep you safe while shopping.

But yet these same people who are passing Blacks over for employment, pulling racial profiling, following around innocent shoppers or any number of rude treatments that Blacks receive on a daily basis are being committed by the Moms, Dads, Grandmas, Grandpas and friends that everyone keeps saying doesn’t have a racist bone in them. All I am trying to get across is that no matter what people are saying racism/racist still exists. And whether or not it is in the bones, the heart or the brain is still up for debate but the fact that it exists is absolutely not.



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